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Guitar Learning Made Easy!

online guitar lessonsThe knowledge in playing the guitar is one attribute many consider as a bragging right. It has served its multifarious functions over time and has been carried over from generations to the other. The innovations of how it is played kept emerging, thanks to the advancements in technology and the flourishing capacity of the human creative aptitude.

The world was left in awe the first time Elvis Presley exhibited his versatility in singing and playing the guitar. He was then followed by many prominent guitar players around the world, and the guitar gradually became a household instrument in the contemporary music scene. Since then, the guitar has become one instrument that the world, most especially the youth, crave to get the hang of.

The easiest ways to learn the guitar still require the tedious learning process.

To begin with, one should have:

  • his own guitar
  • a mind equipped for the task
  • agile fingers ready for the temporary sore
  • and the persistence to elicit the proper tune

If all of these are set, it is time to learn the basics. The easiest way to learn guitar is for one to first familiarize himself with the parts. Usually, one begins with an acoustic guitar, the basic type of guitar for beginners. This is perhaps the easiest way to learn guitar. Acoustic guitars are manufactured either by machine or by hand and are usually made of wood or metal. Six copper strings are attached to the bridge all the way to the tuning pegs located at the headstock which create the sound.

Some guitars come with nylon strings to create a softer, acoustic euphony. The strings go all the way from the bridge to the headstock, and the platform in between which creates the melody, is called the fret board. As the name implies, frets are attached on the neck and produce the different notes. On the body of an acoustic guitar, there is a sound hole where the sound resonates. It is located between the bottom of the fret board or neck and the bridge.

Next, an aspiring guitar player must know how to correctly hold the instrument and project himself with it. Acoustic guitars are usually played in the right-handed position. The plucking and strumming is done with the right hand between the sound hole and the bridge while pressing the strings on the fret with the left hand. When playing in the sitting position, the back of the guitar’s body should be pressed against the stomach, with the legs supporting it.

Guitar players in the upright position usually have guitar straps, which are attached to the bottom and upper part of the guitar’s body going across the player’s back, left shoulder, and chest all the way to the right rib section. These guitar straps prevent the guitar from falling or straining the arms of the holder. Prominent guitarists such as Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain played the guitar strumming with their left-hand and fretting with their right hand. Left-handed players pick with their left hand, while the strings are in the conventional order for a left-handed player. They have either true left-handed or right-handed guitars altered so the strings will suit a left-handed player.

Now that the parts of the guitar are identified and the proper positions are explained, it is time for the easiest way to learn guitar fretting. The thumb is pushed against the back of the fret board to support the weight of the neck, while the remaining fingers create the formation of the chords. The chords are the harmonic group of at least three or more notes and must sound simultaneously. Common major chords are the A Major, C Major, D Major, E Major and the G Major. To create the sound of these chords, certain formation of the four fingers should be perfected.

If the shapes of the chords are incorrectly formed, some unnecessary sound may be produced when the right keys are not pressed or pressed the wrong way. Often, beginners accidentally press an unnecessary string which may produce either a broken or a wrong sound. In A Major, for example, the low E string is not to be strummed. It could be difficult at first, but the fingers will surely get the hang of it. When you get the drift of forming the chords, it is time to practice switching between them as quickly as you can. This will make the desired sound more audible and clear.

After perfecting the fretting process, it is essential that an aspiring guitar player also learns the easiest way to learn guitar strumming. Strumming requires stroking either downward or upward and striking all the notes of the chord based on the combination to match the rhythm. A proper strumming should have the wrist and the arm in action. The elbow then should lay flat on the body of the guitar and should not be in the locomotive in order to prevent the arm from straining or creating unnecessary sounds.

It is only when one perfects the strumming pattern when he is ready for the chord plucking. In guitar plucking, one finger strikes a string to create a series of sound. A pick can be used to make plucking easier and is held with the index finger and the thumb leaving the other three fingers in a claw-like position. Properly mastering the art of strumming and plucking will eventually produce results in the long run.

Now, another question surfaces: how to learn electric guitar? Learning the acoustic guitar will make the electric guitar lesson completely easy. Almost all the steps in playing an acoustic may apply to playing an electric guitar. The differences come only in so far as electric guitars require amplifiers to produce reverberating sound and do not contain a sound hole. While acoustic guitars produce softer and mellow sounds, electric guitars produce louder and raspier sounds.

With these mastered, you can be jamming with friends as you play your group song or use it to serenade your favorite girl in no time! Endurance is the key. Playing the guitar will inevitably hurt your fingers, especially the fretting fingers. At this point, it will be almost impossible to form the chords and properly produce the desired sound. Your fingers will literally “hurt like hell” at this stage, but fear not; it is part of the guitar learning process!

Over time, calluses will form that will harden the tip of the fingers. These will make guitar lessons less painful, making the pain tolerable until it is completely gone. But always remember, in order to achieve success in something, one must sometimes undergo hardship and pain. So do not give up when the fingers start hurting; it is the time when the process is already starting to take its toll.

For starters, the easiest way to learn the guitar may come from lessons from family members, friends, and whoever is willing to spend their precious time to share to you their know-how. It will be an interactive experience as well as fun-filled. For advanced guitar lessons, the internet has so many sites to help you. There are websites that can provide comprehensive and easy to understand basics for the easiest way to learn guitar.

In the end, no one is given the innate talent of properly playing the guitar; it is a skill that takes a tremendous amount of time to master. The easiest way to learn guitar depends on the determination and creativity of the one who wishes to learn. How to learn electric guitar or the acoustic one takes hard work, but if one is passionate enough, the task will get easier over time. Guitar lessons are going to take a lot out of you, but it is the passion for music that will always keep you going.

Easy Guitar Songs To Learn

You Can Learn to Play the Music You Like on the Guitar

learn guitarThe guitar is one of the most popular instruments to play, but at first glance it can seem pretty difficult. There’s only 6 strings, but between how you strum or pick the strings and how you hold the frets, there’s so many combinations it can quickly seem overwhelming. So, instead of trying to figure out a little on your own, you get a beginner’s guitar book from your local music store. Flipping through, all you see are easy guitar songs to learn like lullabies or old folk songs. However, this isn’t why you wanted to learn how to play guitar. You want to play rock, contemporary songs, classic songs, and songs that will impress people when you play.

While many people will tell you these songs are the easiest to learn how to play, that’s simply not true. You don’t have to start off by learning how to play lullabies. Instead, you can start off learning how to play Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Buffet or Tom Petty. These are all easy guitar songs to learn, and you can start learning them right away instead of wasting time learning songs that don’t interest you at all just because they’re basic.

What Guitar to Purchase?

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want an electric guitar or an acoustic. Many find the acoustic easier to start with, but it’s really up to you. It also depends on what you’re going to want to play later if you don’t want to purchase more than one guitar. If you do decide to start with an electric guitar, there are many easy songs to learn on electric guitar, including some of the same ones you would start learning on the acoustic guitar.

Once you’ve decided which guitar you want to play, it’s time to shop. You have a huge selection of ways to purchase your guitar. If you want a specific guitar, you’re probably going to be able to find good deals online or in a music shop. If you’re just looking for something inexpensive to get started, try pawn shops or similar stores. Before buying used, however, make sure the guitar doesn’t have any scratches or bumps on it, as this can greatly effect the playing, especially if you’re a beginner.

Where to Find Songs to Play?

There’s two ways a person typically starts to learn how to play the guitar. The first way is through lessons in person. This can be a great way to learn, as you’ll have someone right there showing you how to make the chords and teaching you how to play the songs. Unfortunately, these lessons quickly get expensive, and you’ll likely start off learning the basic lullabies and folk songs at first.

Instead, you can look for easy songs to learn on the guitar and learn how to play on your own. Music books are inexpensive, and online instructions often come with videos to help you learn. You’ll be able to start with any of the songs you want to learn, instead of having to start with music you don’t enjoy. You can simply purchase a beginner instruction book, sit down, and start playing your first song with the help from the online instructions.

Start at the Beginning

While you don’t have to start with lullabies, you’re not going to want to just jump right in and try to play the most difficult song you can think of. You’ll still want to start at the beginning, learning the different chords and how they flow together to create some of the songs you love. When you start with guitar songs for beginners, you will be learning the basics and building upon them step by step.

While you may start learning easy classical guitar songs, you’ll then progress to harder and harder songs, adding on to what you know with each song. You’ll learn how to play better and you’ll have the basics down so when you’re ready for the harder songs, you’ll be ready to learn them. You’ll not only know how to play the chords and how to strum for the right effect, but you’ll also be able to read guitar music. This will make it much easier for you to learn the harder songs later on down the road.

If you’re interested in learning to play the guitar, you don’t have to settle for songs you don’t enjoy. There’s plenty of songs you will enjoy to play, so start off by learning something fun. Whether you’re more of a Johnny Cash person or you like Elvis Presley better, there’s something you’re going to enjoy learning. Start by purchasing the guitar you want, electric or acoustic, and then start at the beginning learning a few chords. Before you know it, you’ll be showing off how well you play in front of all of your friends every chance you get and they’ll enjoy singing along with you.

4 Steps To Learning The Note Names On Your Guitar

One of the first steps to properly learning guitar is to understand the fretboard and the the notes on each string and fret.

Learn Note Names on Guitar in 4 Steps

"Learn all the note names on the guitar on all strings and all frets in 4 easy steps."

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How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time

learn to play guitarThe quickest way to impress your friends and buddies is to learn how to sing while you are playing guitar. It might seem impossible when you first try it but it’s a hugely valuable skill to have. When starting a band, the singer is usually the most difficult player to find. You’ll be a lot more likely to get the gig in bands as many guitar players will certainly have not taken the time to learn to sing while playing the guitar.

Learn How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time

Start with a very simple song. It could be as simple as happy birthday. Figure out the chord changes that best fit the song and play through it once or twice to really get the chord changes into your head. Doing this creates what is called muscle memory and helps you to memorize the changes. Muscle memory is generally the muscles learning to really feel out each chord and exactly how it feels in your hand, allowing you to change chords with confidence without needing to look down at the neck.

Next you will want to learn the lyrics to the song and make sure you pay attention to the starts and stops and variations in the singers voice.

The first few times that you sing the song, you will not be playing the guitar. You will want to concentrate on the vocals first to be able to sing the lyrics as best you can. Practice singing the song until your vocal inflections begin to match the singer.

Now we can begin to put this all together. While playing the chord changes, we have to shift the chords to our minds subconscious to make sure that you could play the track without focusing on it. Next, just start singing at the appropriate part of the song and stumble through it. Each time you try the tune, you will make less vocal or guitar mistakes and the song will begin to sound better and better. It’s recommended to stick with one song until you are able, with confidence, to play and sing it. When you can do it well enough to perform it front of a live audience, you are ready to move on and tackle the next song.

You will have to stick with it to train your brain to share its resources between your hands for playing and your mouth for singing. Soon you will be able to play more intricate guitar parts while singing as well as singing more interesting vocal lines while playing guitar.

Basics – Learn To Play Guitar

learn to play guitarProbably the most important task that you must do when learning how to play guitar is practice. The guitar is an extremely versatile instrument allowing one to play many types of music. Learning how to play guitar takes practice, study and a dedicated approach. Please realize that you are not going to master it overnight, just take time to learn correctly and the results will come.


Get Started – Learn to Play Guitar

Start by learning simple chords and scales. There are many books available that contain chord patterns and guitar scales that show the proper fingering and position. Also, there are a lot of online guitar tutorials and courses that can be very beneficial and help you along. After you have learned some chords, begin to practice the transition from one chord to another chord.


It’s a good idea to write down your goals of why you are learning guitar, how much time are you willing to invest, and where you want to go with this.


Make it a habit to spend some dedicated time each day to practice guitar. Try starting out with a basic chord transition or guitar scale and work on this for a month. You may be shocked at how well you are able to play this transition or scale in only a month’s time as your fingers learn the mechanics and the pattern.


When you have mastered a few chords, you will probably want to learn some songs. To keep it interesting and help you moving forward, choose songs or a music genre that you enjoy listening too. It can be exciting and fulfilling to be able to play a song that you like. An important tip for learning a song is to not just learn a part of the song, but learn the whole song. By learning the complete song, you will begin to understand song structure and help you to improve your playing ability faster.


Another important tip is to always use a metronome. The metronome will help you to concentrate on your timing and this will be beneficial as you progress. Begin practicing with the metronome set at a slow speed. After you have mastered your scale or riff at that speed, slowly increase the speed and continue practicing. This process can take time, so be patient, as the results will amaze you.


Learning guitar is all about dedication, a lot of practice and patience. If you keep it fun and dedicate yourself to it, you will reach your goal.