JamPlay vs GuitarTricks

jamplayguitar tricksAre you planning to take guitar lessons? If so, you should consider taking virtual lessons rather than taking lessons from someone in your local area. There are a number of reasons why virtual lessons are ideal. The best perk is that you get to take the lessons at your own pace, and you get full control over when you want to practice or take lessons. If you rely on a local instructor, you would likely have to take classes according to a set schedule. There are two online guitar lessons that are dominating the industry. They are Jamplay and Guitartricks. The best way to know which one will work for best for you is by actually trying out both programs, but this may not be ideal for everyone. Regardless if you want to learn beginner guitar scales or you really want to shred, we recommend that you read an online guitar lessons review.

Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar tricks has been around longer than YouTube. There are a number of people who have tried to learn how to play the guitar by watching free lessons on YouTube, but those lessons are not equivalent to the quality lessons you will find in the Guitar Tricks modules. The program has roughly 45 instructors which contribute to its diverse amount of lessons. At the time of this review, the program has an estimated 8,000 lessons that students can use to hone or develop their guitar skills. One of the things that sets this program out as a leading program is that this was the first program released. This may be enough to attract some buyers.

This program is based upon a formula referred to as “The Core Learning Program.” It is designed to take a person from the beginner stages of guitar playing to expert level playing. This is why this program rocks. The guesswork of whether or not it is too advanced is virtually eliminated. They also have an outstanding money back guarantee. This allows you to shop with confidence in the fact that you will not lose out if the program is not for you. The money back guarantee is valid for 60 days which should be ample time to determine whether or not the program is for you. One of the perks about the learning system is that after you complete the first two stages of the program, you will be able to choose a style of guitar playing to focus on. Your options are Rock, Country or Blues. You may even choose to eventually learn to play all three styles.

Jamplay Review

This program is ideal for beginners too, and it is very close to its competition. Some might even say that Jamplay vs Guitartricks is too hard of a choice to make. This may not be the oldest of the two, but it is certainly the 2nd largest guitar lessons option. Jamplay has more instructors than Guitar Tricks, but the program does not have more lessons. Do not let this sway you away from the program though. There are over 1,000 lessons in the program. The lessons are easy enough for children to understand. If you decide on this program, you may get a few surprises. Some of the instructors are members of well known bands. Imagine the excitement of getting lessons from a celebrity.

The program also branches out into genres after the beginner stage. You have many genres to choose from. There is even a reggae option. If diversity is important to you, then you cannot go wrong with this program. This is designed to hone in on specific skills, and develop into the professional guitarist who is inside of you. Another plus about JamPlay is that you will also learn songwriting. This is an in demand skill, and you could very well write a hit song all on your own.

There are not many drawbacks to choosing JamPlay. You will have a seven day money back guarantee. Some people may not think that this is enough time to try the program. Keep in mind that this is enough time to know whether or not you like the program. That should be the focus. You likely will not become a professional guitarist in those seven days, but you can as long as you focus on finishing the lessons.


As you can see, both of these programs are excellent. When it really comes down to it, guitar tricks vs JamPlay is all about each person’s preferences. If the decision is too hard for you, consider the fact that Guitar Tricks often offers free trials. Take advantage of that. JamPlay is a little bit more pricey than Guitar Tricks, but the quality of JamPlay makes it easy to understand why. Also, the expert lessons that are led by celebrities can also be factored into the cost. If you are a person who enjoys live streaming, you will be delighted that JamPlay’s program features live webcam lessons. The difference really comes down to personal preference. Guitar Tricks have most of their lessons and tools available for download compared to live lessons via webcam on Jam Play. Guitar Tricks has a 60 day refund policy and Jamplay a 7 day policy. Guitar Tricks is priced at $14.95 per month compared to $19.95 per month for Jam Play. Either way, you will benefit greatly from either course. For more information on each of these online guitar lesson programs, please visit our review pages on Guitartricks and JamPlay.