Is It Hard To Learn Guitar

Is It Hard To Learn Guitar? Yes And No.


Everyone can learn how to play the guitar. It appears to be easier for some than for others, but everyone will have a learning curve. Video games and air guitar have had many people visualizing themselves sitting around a campfire, strumming the guitar and people singing along with them. For others it is about being on stage, and shredding a riff. Whatever the style of music you want to play, the answer to the question “is it hard to learn how to play guitar?”, is, it depends. It depends on a number of things, did you grow up surrounded by music, do you have an ear for music and have you ever played an instrument before? No matter the answer to those questions, yes, at times is will be easier than others. The amount of time you invest in learning and practice will determine how long it takes you to master each lesson. If you have dreamed of playing the guitar, stop wondering how hard is it to learn guitar, and let the music begin.

Can anyone learn how to play the guitar?

The simple answer is yes. For some it will be much easier because they have been exposed to music for most of their lives. In some households, music is always being played, instruments are scattered around the house, and something is being tuned or played most of the time. Babies are soothed by the music before they take their first breath. Family members play together, and younger children sit close by or on laps. Everyone is learning through exposure. The members of those households are comfortable picking up a guitar, are familiar with the way it feels and understands the basic concepts. As a result, it may appear that learning to play the guitar is easier for them, but there will be a day, because everyone has a day, when something is difficult to learn.

If you did not grow up around music or were the one member of your household that didn’t appear to have the gift of music, do not despair. For you, the answer to “is it hard to learn guitar?” the answer is still yes. However, with diligence and commitment you can become proficient. It may take longer, and require a larger investment in time spent practicing, but yes, you can learn. The amount of time you spend in practice, will make a significant difference in how long it takes you to master each step.

How long will it take to learn to play the guitar well?

The learning process, like life, will always be ongoing. Once you have mastered the basics, there will always be something new to learn, if you choose too. The great guitar players never stop learning, they are constantly stretching their skills and discovering methods they did not know before. The main learning tool is practice. You have heard it before practice, practice, practice. That is because it works. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel with the guitar in your hands, and the easier it will be for your fingers to bend and stretch into the right position. The more you practice, the more muscle memory you will develop and one day you will realize you looked at your hands less and the sheet music more.

Where can I take lessons?

There are books that you can fumble around with at home. The risk being you may develop poor technique. You will not be aware, because you do not have an actual instructor to correct you. There are classes available online with tutorials and videos that you can play over repeatedly until you fully comprehend what they are teaching. Better than teaching yourself from a book or fiddling around at home, the online classes still have the drawback of not being accountable to an actual instructor. Without the accountability that regularly scheduled appointments offer, it is easy to let first a day, then a week slip by without picking up your guitar to practice. Without discipline and practice, you may find yourself asking “why is learning guitar hard?”

After teaching yourself from a book or taking lessons online, having a living breathing instructor is the most effective. Because you know you are scheduled to meet with them at a specific time, you remain more aware of the time you spend preparing and practicing. It can also make a difference because it will cost you hard earned cash every time you go. With an actual instructor, there is the benefit of immediate correction should you be doing something incorrectly. You may also learn a few hands on techniques that come up spontaneously during a lesson, that might not have on a video or in a book.

Once you commit to learning how to play the guitar, and understand that practice time is your friend, it will not be long before you find yourself strumming around the campfire. Someone may ask you “is guitar hard to learn?”. You can share with them your experience. You will pass on the secret weapon called practice, and maybe show them a few things you have learned along the way. In doing so, you are spreading the gift of music beyond your living room.