How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time

learn to play guitarThe quickest way to impress your friends and buddies is to learn how to sing while you are playing guitar. It might seem impossible when you first try it but it’s a hugely valuable skill to have. When starting a band, the singer is usually the most difficult player to find. You’ll be a lot more likely to get the gig in bands as many guitar players will certainly have not taken the time to learn to sing while playing the guitar.

Learn How To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time

Start with a very simple song. It could be as simple as happy birthday. Figure out the chord changes that best fit the song and play through it once or twice to really get the chord changes into your head. Doing this creates what is called muscle memory and helps you to memorize the changes. Muscle memory is generally the muscles learning to really feel out each chord and exactly how it feels in your hand, allowing you to change chords with confidence without needing to look down at the neck.

Next you will want to learn the lyrics to the song and make sure you pay attention to the starts and stops and variations in the singers voice.

The first few times that you sing the song, you will not be playing the guitar. You will want to concentrate on the vocals first to be able to sing the lyrics as best you can. Practice singing the song until your vocal inflections begin to match the singer.

Now we can begin to put this all together. While playing the chord changes, we have to shift the chords to our minds subconscious to make sure that you could play the track without focusing on it. Next, just start singing at the appropriate part of the song and stumble through it. Each time you try the tune, you will make less vocal or guitar mistakes and the song will begin to sound better and better. It’s recommended to stick with one song until you are able, with confidence, to play and sing it. When you can do it well enough to perform it front of a live audience, you are ready to move on and tackle the next song.

You will have to stick with it to train your brain to share its resources between your hands for playing and your mouth for singing. Soon you will be able to play more intricate guitar parts while singing as well as singing more interesting vocal lines while playing guitar.