Guitar Chords For Beginners

beginner guitar chords

Why Learning The Basic Guitar Chords For Beginners First Is Best

Learning a musical instrument can be a magical experience for any person of any age. Not only does music reach the hearts of anyone who hears it, it can bridge gaps between ages, genders, and even races. No matter how old you are or where you come from, learning the gift of music and sharing it with those around you can be an amazing experience. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, financial stability, or confidence to pick up an instrument and learn how to play it properly. Luckily there are many opportunities that can assist a person in remedying these obstacles, especially for our younger generations.

Starting Out on Guitar

Learning how to play an instrument like a guitar can be time consuming, however, making it important to ensure you are prepared before starting. Before learning any guitar beginner chords, you can benefit from having a basic understanding of the instrument itself and how to take care of it. Guitars have been around for a while, and come in two typical varieties of electric and acoustic. An acoustic guitar is a hollow instrument, that amplifies the sound in its hollow interior as you strum on the strings. An electric guitar, on the other hand, transfers the sound via vibrations through electronics and into an amplifier to create sound.

In both types of guitars, you need strings which are coiled metal in most cases, to create music with. You have a neck which stretches these strings along it, with tuners at the end for adjusting the strings to ensure the chords you make sound proper when strumming. The necks are lined with finger placement frets, allowing you to hold the strings against them to create specific notes and chords as you play. If your strings aren’t properly adjusted, like any other string instrument, your chords will sound out of tune as you try to play on it. Keeping your strings adjusted properly, and keeping your instrument well maintained will help keep your instrument lasting for years to come.

What Is The Easiest Way To Learn Your Chords?

The easiest way to start learning your new instrument, is by learning the most basic of guitar chords for beginners. The first chords you will learn are pretty easy to remember, often being incorporated into the majority of the music you will be playing on your guitar. There are eight beginner guitar chords that every guitar player should learn first as they start out. After memorizing these guitar chords for beginners, anyone learning the guitar will have all the technical knowledge necessary to start creating their own songs, as well as playing other people’s songs as well.

There are eight guitar beginner chords that you will be learning first when taking any type of guitar class or when learning on your own through the use of websites or books. These guitar chords beginner are the A major, C major, D major, E major, G major, A minor, D minor, and E minor. Once these are learned by you and practiced properly, constructing your own music will be a lot easier than you may be thinking.

Some of these chords can be a little difficult to learn the finger placement for. With the help of a higher quality lesson book or a reputable guitar class, you’ll have examples that show you the placements and how to hold your fingers properly without messing up the chords and notes.

What’s The Best Way To Learn How To Play?

Once you get the basics down, moving on to creating and playing music on your own will be much easier. Unfortunately for many people, finding a class or a good website to learn from can be difficult. When searching for a class to learn how to play the guitar from, you always want to go with a reputable teacher who has a good amount of experience in the instrument you want to learn. While it’s often said that musical genius isn’t reliant on a single instrument, learning how to play the guitar from an actual teacher who focuses mostly on playing one them self can help increase your own education with one.

Going into a class, however, isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer solitude as they learn an instrument, making it more comfortable for them to learn how to play without worrying about someone overhearing or seeing them messing up. This makes it easier for them to learn their chords and guitar tabs for beginners in the comfort of their own home, by making use of lesson books or websites. This can often be a good way for children who aren’t good in crowds or being in public situations to learn how to play an instrument, without fearing ridicule or teasing from their peers.


No matter how you learn, playing music can be a great way to spend your spare time. Not only can music be relaxing, but it can also be therapeutic in many aspects. With a bit of motivation, dedication, and passion, you could be playing some of your favorite songs in no time, or even creating your own.