Basics – Learn To Play Guitar

learn to play guitarProbably the most important task that you must do when learning how to play guitar is practice. The guitar is an extremely versatile instrument allowing one to play many types of music. Learning how to play guitar takes practice, study and a dedicated approach. Please realize that you are not going to master it overnight, just take time to learn correctly and the results will come.


Get Started – Learn to Play Guitar

Start by learning simple chords and scales. There are many books available that contain chord patterns and guitar scales that show the proper fingering and position. Also, there are a lot of online guitar tutorials and courses that can be very beneficial and help you along. After you have learned some chords, begin to practice the transition from one chord to another chord.


It’s a good idea to write down your goals of why you are learning guitar, how much time are you willing to invest, and where you want to go with this.


Make it a habit to spend some dedicated time each day to practice guitar. Try starting out with a basic chord transition or guitar scale and work on this for a month. You may be shocked at how well you are able to play this transition or scale in only a month’s time as your fingers learn the mechanics and the pattern.


When you have mastered a few chords, you will probably want to learn some songs. To keep it interesting and help you moving forward, choose songs or a music genre that you enjoy listening too. It can be exciting and fulfilling to be able to play a song that you like. An important tip for learning a song is to not just learn a part of the song, but learn the whole song. By learning the complete song, you will begin to understand song structure and help you to improve your playing ability faster.


Another important tip is to always use a metronome. The metronome will help you to concentrate on your timing and this will be beneficial as you progress. Begin practicing with the metronome set at a slow speed. After you have mastered your scale or riff at that speed, slowly increase the speed and continue practicing. This process can take time, so be patient, as the results will amaze you.


Learning guitar is all about dedication, a lot of practice and patience. If you keep it fun and dedicate yourself to it, you will reach your goal.