JamPlay Review

jamplay reviewMany aspiring guitarists have problems learning or perfecting their craft because in-person guitar lessons can be inconvenient and expensive. Yet, it can be difficult or downright impossible to build solid guitar skills without any outside instruction. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair: Innovative online guitar-teaching programs like JamPlay have made it possible to learn to play the guitar quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Want to learn more about this convenient method of learning to play the guitar? Keep reading for an in-depth JamPlay review that will teach you more about how this innovative guitar-lesson service works and what it has to offer beginning and intermediate guitar students.

JamPlay Overview

Simply put, JamPlay is an online guitar-lesson service that instructs students through video lessons, helpful online tools and live instructor-led lessons via webcam. The site is designed to be convenient, user-friendly and comprehensive. Unlike most online guitar-teaching websites, JamPlay offers ongoing lessons and constantly updates their site with new tools, videos and songs. This makes it a great resource for both beginning guitar students trying to learn the basics and intermediate and advanced players looking to perfect their skills. Also, the site doesn’t focus entirely on any one musical genre–every style of music from country to heavy metal is covered on the site.

Guitar Lesson Pros

  • Over 4700 HD Guitar Lessons designed for beginner guitarists to advanced.
  • Learn to actually play guitar with real teachers showing you how to play.
  • Get professional instruction from 77 online guitar teachers & recording artists.
  • 24/7 Access to lessons streaming in High Definition.
  • New HD lessons added weekly.
  • An active community forum – 1000’s of members, new friends and lots of support.
  • Easy lesson navigation and nice organization of the lesson library.
  • An extensive & comprehensive chord library with charts, tabs & photos.
  • A thorough & complete scale library including theory, famous solos & videos.
  • Custom library of backing tracks or Jam Tracks to help refine your lead playing.
  • Guitar lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar.
  • Live interactive video guitar lessons 7 days a week through Jam Chat.
  • Pick a style of music to learn from blues to rock, country to metal & more.
  • Learn a specific skill such as lead, rhythm, reading music & more.

Video Guitar Lessons

The video guitar lessons on the site are what makes JamPlay the best way to learn guitar online. In fact, the site currently offers an amazing 432+ hours of online video lessons–all in top-notch HD quality. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of video lessons and how they work:

“Beginner Guitar Lessons” are the first phase of video instruction on JamPlay. If you’re just starting out, these guitar lessons for beginners will be the best resource on the site to help you learn and build your skills and confidence. Some of the skills taught in the beginner’s section include tuning, strumming, chord playing, rhythm and finger technique. The lessons are offered for both electric and acoustic guitar players, and there are even lessons available that are tailored towards children.

“Advanced and Genre Specific Guitar Lessons” are offered after you’ve completed the beginner’s section of the program. This is where you’ll learn more advanced guitar techniques like pull-offs, hammer-ons and guitar theory. You’ll also be able to explore different types of guitar music like blues, rock and country and learn the genre-specific skills you’ll need to play them accurately.

“Song Lessons” are also offered to help you learn and master specific songs. Currently, there are over 150 different songs available on the site, ranging from rock classics from The Beatles and Eric Clapton to more contemporary songs by bands like Bullet for My Valentine and Nirvana. Each song is shown being played in close-up HD video quality and includes ultra-accurate tabs to help you master the song more quickly.

Live Webcam Sessions

In addition to their innovative video lessons, JamPlay also offers live webcam sessions to help you perfect your craft. These lessons are conducted by experienced instructors and are available for around 12 hours each day. This “JamChat” is a great tool if you have specific questions you’d like to ask an instructor or are having difficulty learning a particular skill or song. During the lessons, members can chat with each other or ask the instructor questions about the topic or material. They even have open-mic nights where you can show off your new skills to other members and instructors.

Innovative Features

Online guitar-teaching websites like JamPlay are offering a lot of innovative technology and snazzy features to make learning to play easy, fun and just as effective as one-on-one guitar lessons. In fact, the site strives to consistently improve the student’s experience by integrating all the latest technological advancements into their videos and lessons. Here’s an overview of some of the best features JamPlay has to offer its students:

  • Slow-motion playback allows you to focus on specific portions of a lesson at playback rates from 10-100% of full speed.
  • Automatic progress tracking constantly monitors the lessons you’ve completed and the skills you’ve learned.
  • Video lessons use multiple-angle technology that allows you to see everything that’s happening in a lesson.
  • Interactive tabs for songs on the site have audio playback and can even be played reliably on tablets and cellphones.
  • The site offers a great member community where you can chat with friends and instructors or visit helpful forums if you have questions.
  • Educational games are offered on the site to make learning fun.
  • The sites chord library, scale library and lick and riff library provide a wealth of information for players of all levels.

Online guitar-lesson sites like JamPlay are becoming more and more popular because of their affordability and ease of use. Whether you want to focus on electric guitar lessons or learn how to play classic country music on the acoustic guitar, JamPlay has the tools and instruction necessary to develop your skills and confidence.

How Do I Cancel?

Per the FAQ section of their website, “you can cancel your membership anytime via a cancel link in the members area. You can also call or email them anytime and they will take care of it for you. There are no hoops to jump through or questions to answer. Canceling is literally just a click away.”


Overall, JamPlay seems to have everything covered when it comes to learning to play guitar or bass. Regardless if you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from this online guitar course. For all that you get, it is very affordable at $19.95 per month, especially if you are serious about becoming a better a better guitar player. Compare that to guitar lessons with a guitar teacher one on one at $10 or $20 per more per hour. We highly recommend Jamplay and we are happy to offer the following coupon code that gives 25% off the first month (1BA1E2). Order JamPlay and give it a try.